Bryan Kneale

Five Decades

25th March - 2nd May 2015

Highly respected Royal Academician Bryan Kneale presents five decades of sculpture and works on paper. An exemplary draughtsman and painter, his artistic career began at the easel; perhaps as an omen of things to come his painting was thick, spiky and constructed with a palette knife onto the canvas. With an innate fear of repetition he looked to sculpture and learned to forge and weld, working in brass, steel, copper and aluminium; his is not the traditional sculpture of carving, casting and modelling. The first abstract sculptor to be elected a Royal Academician in 1974, this exhibition underlines the importance of Bryan Kneale in the development of 20th Century British sculpture.

Click here to watch the films specially commissioned by the Royal Academy of Arts to coincide with Bryan Kneale: Five Decades.

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Bryan Kneale