Merete Rasmussen

Bronze & Ceramic

4th December - 23rd January 2016

Expect bursts of colour and intricate form in Merete Rasmussen's highly anticipated solo exhibition at Pangolin London. Known for her signature, brightly coloured ceramics this exhibition explores an exciting departure with four new bronzes.

"The works look so light they delude the eye into thinking they are made of paper, and their colours have the intense powdery appeal of works by Anish Kapoor. Part alchemist, part mathematician, part poet - this artist is one to watch". How to Spend It, Financial Times


"Josiah Wedgwood would be spinning in his grave - with delight! - if he could see how pottery has become one of today's favoured art forms. Inspired by the swell of desert dunes and the impossible shapes that only maths can imagine, Rasmussen makes works that attract and confuse the brain, but always in joyful colours that cut straight through the complexity". Tatler


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Merete Rasmussen