December 1, 2021

As we look forward to Christmas, Pangolin London asked three of our artists how they celebrate the festive period, their highlights from the year so far, and what they are looking forward to in the new year.


Known for his monumental, architecturally inspired works, Jeff Lowe's sculpture demonstrates an intense engagement with material, surface and design. A student of 'The New Generation' of British sculptors that emerged in the 1960's, Lowe studied at the Saint Martin's School of Art between 1971-75, under the esteemed tutelage of William Tucker, Philip King and Anthony Caro.


A prolific and experimental maker, Lowe's more recent works do not imply a narrative, either fictional or mythological, nor are they rooted in a contemporaneous commentary: they are constructions and at their core remain architectural in spirit.


 What are you working on currently?

I am working on a large laser cut aluminium sculpture and many small brass pieces. Alongside these works I have been making mono prints in my own studio and also working at The Cambridge Print Studio with Kip Gresham. I visit for three days and have now been many times over the last two years.  I have made hundreds of mono prints in Cambridge but over the last two visits have selected three prints to make editions from.


What will the new year bring for your work?

The new year will bring many opportunities to exhibit outside and to make sculptures on a much larger scale.  I am enjoying the close relationship between the small and large sculptures and the prints.  I have also been siting sculptures at The Limeworks and creating an outside gallery/park to be able to see the work in an outdoor setting.


Do you have a career highlight from this year? 

I have always been much more interested in making work rather than promoting it or exhibiting.  It is still so exciting to be able to work in the studio every day.  I have also been working for over one year with Jon Wood who is writing the book about my work. It has been fascinating answering written questions and discussing work during covid.



What other artists' work would be on your Christmas list?

I try to buy my wife a work from exhibitions we go to see. She has a good collection.  I would love to live with a large Basil Beattie painting. I have admired his work for years and his paintings have a strong sculptural presence.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

I love Christmas and have to be at home for the build up and over the holidays.  Christmas is the one time when I take a few days off from work. I am not fond of the cold but for a few days during Christmas with a fire I like it.


What do your Christmas decorations look like?

We have hand made Christmas decorations from my wife’s family in Minnesota.  The decorations are vintage from the 1950’s.



What are you hoping for under the Christmas tree? 

Monica bought me a fork lift truck for Valentine's Day – she is good at presents. I am hoping for music and I like CDs rather than downloading. I can’t work without music and get obsessed with certain pieces for a while and then move on. I always write it down when I hear something I like and hope that it might arrive.

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