Julie Brook and Robert Macfarlane in Conversation at Kings Place

Following the talk between Julie Brook and Robert Macfarlan on January 29th 2020, we are delighted to share the video of the event for those who were unable to attend. 


FIRESTACKS: Time, Tide and Gravity

Artist Julie Brook journeys to the wildest and most remote landscapes on earth, creating work that is not only inspired by the land but cut from it. For the Firestacks, her most recent series, created in the Hebrides, Brook assembles natural elements—water, stone and fire—to create a tidal work that expresses the vital tension between gravity and time, through the seasons.


Robert Macfarlane’s engagement with wilderness is similarly immersive, conjuring landscapes, seas and underground spaces with a poet’s eye and a scholar’s tongue.


As Brook debuts her new work, she sits down with Macfarlane to discuss the elemental forces at play within their work and lives.


To watch the video, please click here

January 29, 2020