Artist in Lockdown Series #2 - ANN CHRISTOPHER

How has lockdown affected your routine and practise?
What is curious is that I often choose to go on residencies and work in solitude very productively – having isolation imposed on you is very different and the first week was a big struggle – mindless labouring in my garden has got me through this with one day tidying my studio in hopeful readiness. 

Week two and the sun still draws me outside – constant tidying and thinking I have a charity drawing donation deadline so that will be tomorrows project and then hopefully working on a new casting.
What have you been working on today?
Paperwork – again not creative but a necessary part of an artist’s life. Now completed – today is back escaping in the garden.
What are you missing the most in this time of isolation?
Physical connection with friends, seeing exhibitions in reality, the buzz of urban life away from my home and studio.
Are you struggling to get hold of materials and does this mean you are coming up with original ideas to compensate?
I am quite looking forward to the desert island situation of using whatever I can find – but have been stock checking already.
What are you doing to remain positive?
Completing something/anything each day and making one phone call a day to a friend that I have not spoken to for a long time.
What advice would you give to your fellow creative practitioners?
Try and achieve something / anything however small – set yourself deadlines.
Do you think art and the art world will look different when we re-emerge from isolation?
I think the whole world will have to re think – whether they do or not remains to be seen. As artists we cannot help what we do but we can hope that it brings some joy / temporary escapism /and hopefully tranquillity.
Can you recommend a good art related book, podcast or film/series for everyone in lockdown?
I am currently reading a non-art book I read over 30 years ago about a city where society has broken down completely – it has a scary parallel with what is currently happening – I cannot recall the ending – let’s hope - - - - Not sure it would be every-one’s choice but it just felt right to re-read it. Paul Auster – In the Country of Last Things
What is your favourite recipe during lockdown?
Wild garlic pesto home-made from the patch growing in the garden – but baked beans on toast and dark chocolate (not together) feature high on the list as long as supplies last.
Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to be in isolation with and why?
Possibly David Hockney as his work ethic is so strong I would feel compelled to get on with it – having watched his recent output of ipad drawings and read his statement  cause of death – birth. There was humour / compassion and the drive to work.




April 24, 2020