Artist in Lockdown Series #8 - STEVE DILWORTH

Has lockdown affected your routine and practice?

No, not really, I’m working much the same as ever. 


What have you been working on today?

Two pieces, one large stone Neolithic axe head form and another a reworking of a rejected piece from a few years ago, a deep water object. Also a wood and metal mixed media, just beginning, more of an experiment but quite excited about it.


What are you missing the most during isolation?

Grandchildren and dinner parties. Would like to check out the new bronze in the foundry, patina etc before it goes off to a client.


What are you finding most challenging about lockdown?



What are you doing to stay positive? 

I expect we’ll get past this but meanwhile we are giving the world a break, there are no vapour trails for example. The bigger problem is climate change.      


What advice would you give to fellow artists?

See it as a special time to work.


Do you think art and the art world will look different when we re-emerge from isolation? 

There’s bound to be people hurt by closures and redundancies in the Art business but Art with any substance will still be there.


What have you been watching/reading/listening to during lockdown?

Listening to ‘The invisible man’, watching ‘This country’ and reading ‘The Oldie’.


Have you been creative in the kitchen during lockdown? Any recommendations? 

Collecting and pickling seaweed. Wild rabbit in mustard.


Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to be in isolation with and why? 

Raymond Blanc, need to ask why?


If someone had told you in January that you’d need to stay at home for six weeks and there would be no exhibitions what do you think you would have said? 

What’s the catch?


Do you think lockdown will have an impact on your work?

No. I’ve worked in isolation for years. This is normal.

May 5, 2020