Rock Music Rock Art

Peter Randall-Page New Work
Martin Kemp, 2008
Soft cover

Publisher: Pangolin London

Dimensions: 27.5 x 24.5 cm

Pages: 64

The Rock Music Rock Art project was inspired by the ancient 'rock gongs' of remote Lolui Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Sponsored by the Ruwenzori Sculpture Foundation and supported by the British Council, sculptor Peter Randall-Page, composer Nigel Osborne and members of the London Sinfonietta recently visited Lolui Island where they collaborated with local sculptors and musicians. Whilst on the island, Peter Randall-Page explored and absorbed his surroundings and the island's ancient culture and created the sculpture pictured below entitled Eginja Eriyimba. On his return, the trip inspired Randall-Page to create a new body of work which will form the basis of Pangolin London's inaugural exhibition in October.

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