Charlotte Mayer Czech, b. 1929

The power behind Charlotte Mayer’s sculpture is her strong affinity with the natural world. Spending idyllic days in the garden of Das Rosel Haus (The House of Roses) where she grew up in Prague until the end of the 1930s, Charlotte learned about the rhythmic structures of nature and the patterns of the material world. Many of her sculptures are inspired by skeletons, seed pods, leaves, shells and ammonites, as well as bringing to the foreground the strength of nature’s elements. In her outdoor sculpture simple curves and subtle plays of light sit in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.


Mayer also draws her inspiration from meditation - the stillness and calm an important part of her creative life - making the spirit somehow present in the form. The complex constructions and elegant organic surfaces she has created over the years are imbued with strength, while also emanating serenity and poise, making her pieces instantly recognisable.