Breon O'Casey British, 1928-2011

It's odd, but although my paintings are almost always abstract, my sculptures are almost always of some animal, bird or person. I dont know why this is; but maybe painting is a language - a language writ on hardboard, paper or canvas. The language of colour and form - as John Wells says: "whereas sculpture is objects". And an object, unless it be a stone, must be of something. 


Breon O’Casey was a significant member of the St. Ives school whose leading figures included Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Bernard Leach. He began his working career as an assistant, initially to Denis Mitchell and later to Dame Barbara Hepworth in St. Ives, whilst establishing himself up as a painter, jeweller, weaver, and later, as a sculptor. 


Pangolin London are delighted to represent the estate of Breon O'Casey. We have a wide selection of sculpture, paintings, prints and jewellery for sale so please do contact the gallery for enquiries regarding further works available T: 020 7520 1480