Sculptors' Works on Paper

19 October 2020 - 14 August 2021

Focusing on the unique way sculptors approach two dimensions this exhibition includes a wide range of Pangolin artists.

This exhibition focuses on the unique way sculptors approach two dimensions. Drawing for its own sake, to create an autonomous image without any reference to an object or alternatively to explore ideas for a sculpture is an integral and often overlooked part of most sculptors practice.


Even when working in two dimensions, sculptors often bring a third dimension to their work. Ann Christopher’s works on paper use layers of opaque and semi translucent paper, building up colour and texture, and are sculptural in themselves.


Breon O’Casey’s collages, prints and paintings use flat blocks of colour in a very  sculptural way to explore depth and perspective.


Equally when Jon Buck began inscribing marks and line into the surfaces of his sculpture, this in turn affected his graphic work. Using sandpaper to etch into the surface before drawing with charcoal or pastel, he adds a sculptural dimension and density to the flat image.


Sculptors’ Works on Paper will offer a unique and intimate insight into the creative mind of a range of artists. The exhibition will include figurative and abstract drawings by both established and contemporary artists such as Anthony Abrahams, Julie Brook, Jon Buck, Ann Christopher RA, Geoffrey Clarke, Terence Coventry, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, George Fullard, Bryan Kneale RA, Jeff Lowe, David Mach RA, Charlotte Mayer, Bernard Meadows, Breon O’Casey, Carl Plackman and William Tucker RA.