20th Century Sculptors' Prints : Online Exhibition

20 October 2020 - 5 January 2021

Pangolin London are delighted to announce their new online exhibition 20th Century Sculptors' Prints.

Pangolin London are delighted to announce their new online exhibition of 20th Century Sculptors' Prints.


The exhibition presents an exceptional selection of limited edition prints from renowned 20th century British and European sculptors such as Lynn Chadwick, Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth, Geoffrey Clarke, Kenneth Armitage, Reg Butler, Bernard Meadows, Marino Marini, Breon O'Casey and Ossip Zadkine.


Prints are often overlooked in a sculptor’s oeuvre but they offer an intriguing insight into the way sculptors work in two dimensions. Often they show a unique, sculptural approach to line and form and use planes of colour to experiment with depth. Sometimes the prints are for sculptures that have or will take three dimensional form but more often than not they are simply explorations in composition and emotion showing them to be exceptional draughtsmen and women in their own right. From the raw energy of Marino Marini’s falling horses and Elisabeth Frink’s bullfighters to the more relaxed poses of Lynn Chadwick’s Reclining Figures and Breon O’Casey’s tranquil abstract hills there is something for everyone.


Sculptors' Prints offer the opportunity to own a work by an established sculptor whose three dimensional work is perhaps out of reach and are a perfect starting point for a collection with room to grow or an interesting addition to an already established collection. With prices starting at £350 and the opportunity to pay by instalments they are becoming increasingly collectible amongst seasoned and novice collectors alike.


This exhibition will be available online as a viewing room with a new 'view on wall' functionality to help visualise scale however should you wish to see a selection of works in person do contact us to book an appointment. T: 020 7520 1480